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A Rare and Highly Effective Method to

Calm the Mind and Develop Internal Energy

Tai Chi Ruler Qigong DVD Package

The package includes a hand made wooden Tai Chi Ruler, an instructional DVD and notes.

Suitable for everyone.   No pre-requisite necessary.
Easy and enjoyable to do!  

  • Relieves stress

  • Rejuvenates the body and the spirit

  • Brings deep relaxation and inner calm

  • Encourages smooth and deep breathing

  • Balances the nervous system

  • Cultivates qi (internal energy)

  • Promotes qi and blood circulation

  • Improves concentration

  • Presenter : Fontane Ip

  • Narrators : Brett Wagland and
                         Fontane Ip

  • Instruction in English

  • Interactive menu to select
        individual movement

  • Duration : 65 mins

  • Widescreen format

You can look forward to feeling the qi and experiencing deep calm with the Ruler Qigong practice.  Order now by filling out this secure online order form!

The Hun Yuan method is a rich system of training the mind and body.  The founder of the system, Grandmaster Feng Zhi Qiang (1928- ), had the unique opportunity to learn from two well known and respected teachers of their time.  One was Chen Fa Ke (1887-1957), 17th generation of Chen Style, who excelled in silk reeling chan si gong power.  Chen passed on to Grandmaster Feng his vast knowledge of the Chen Style Tai Chi, Push Hands, weapons and the Tai Chi Bang (Stick).

The other teacher was Hu Yao Zhen (1879-1973) who mastered the three unique Taoist skills: martial arts, medicine and qigong (energy cultivation).  Hu, a famous Chinese medical practitioner, became known as the father of modern qigong in China.  From Hu, Grandmaster Feng learnt Xin Yi Quan (Heart Mind Boxing), qigong and the Tai Chi Ruler skills.

Grandmaster Feng is a world famous Tai Chi master.  His martial skills have been tested many times.  The practice of his art has not only given him good health and great power, it has also moulded his character and enabled him to follow the Tao or the Natural Way.


Why is the Tai Chi Ruler Qigong a Unique
and Rare Method of Qi Cultivation

The Tai Chi Ruler, which is a component of the Hun Yuan Tai Chi system, is a unique method of cultivating the internal energy.  Originally, this training method was passed on to only a select few.  This practice is rare nowadays because people are not aware of this training, even though it provides the necessary foundation for advancing to the higher levels in qigong. 


What is the Taoist Origin of the
Guiding Qi Needle

The Tai Chi Ruler, also known as the Guiding Qi Needle, was passed down to Hu Yao Zhen from his teacher, Peng Ting Jun.  Originally, the Ruler came from a famous Taoist hermit, Chen Tuan (c871-989 A.D.), who resided on Hua Shan, a mountain which is famous for its near-vertical cliffs and plunging ravines.  Students who went on our 2004 Tai Chi tour to China visited this historic mountain. 

Hua Shan

The fame of Hua Shan derives from its natural beauty which takes the form of huge granite peaks towering over the plains of the Shaanxi province.  Throughout its many peaks and valleys are Taoist monasteries.  During the Song Dynasty, the fate of Hua Shan was determined over a game of chess between Chen Tuan and Emperor Zhao Kuang Yi.  Emperor Zhao wanted to use Hua Shan for a military garrison.  Chen wanted Hua Shan to remain as a sacred mountain.  Although the Emperor was famous for his expertise at chess, yet Chen was skilled in the art of divination, so he predicted the Emperor’s every move.  The Taoist sage won the game and the Emperor kept his word and left Hua Shan alone.  The Chess Game Pavilion, a monument to the contest, still stands today on top of the central peak of Hua Shan.


How to Feel the Qi Flow

While the Tai Chi Bang (Stick) is yang in nature, working more on the external (joints, ligaments and muscles), the Ruler is yin in nature, working on the internal.  The Ruler is a form of qigong used to nourish and strengthen the qi (internal energy).  The Bang (Stick) is heavy while the Ruler is light.  “Qi comes quickly” with the Ruler practice, meaning that the practitioner feels the qi easily when holding the Ruler in both palms.  Both ends of the Ruler are spherical in shape and fit comfortably in the centre of the palms.  This serves to stimulate important acupuncture or meridian points in the palms, especially the Lao Gong point in the centre of the palm.


What is the Antidote to the Busy Mind?

Most people who practise qigong or meditation will tell you that calming the mind is not easy.  Much chatter passes through the mind, especially when you want it to be quiet.  The Ruler is the antidote to the unruly mind.  The Ruler serves to connect the mind, body and qi.  Holding the Ruler in both palms naturally brings your focus to the Ruler.  The movements are easy to do, gentle and relaxing, generating circular rhythms in the body.  Different movements stimulate the energy in different organs of the body, guiding the qi in specific directions.  With the sensation of qi, your awareness will be further drawn into the energy pathways.  You will find your mind quiet and calm, fully absorbed in the practice.  You will experience deep relaxation by being fully present in the moment and will feel very refreshed after the practice.


How to Practise to Suit Your Lifestyle

The Ruler training is flexible, in the sense that you can practise the movements individually or do them as a set.  This practice gives you a good grounding which enables you to reach higher levels in qigong.  It is a synthesis of all the ingredients which are necessary for development at higher levels.  And, of course, with the smooth circulation of blood and qi, good health is in the palms of your hands!


"I have been a Tai Chi practitioner for many years.  However, the feeling of qi had always eluded me.   I tried many Qigong forms but without result.  When I heard about your Tai Chi Ruler, I was both skeptical and excited.  But I definitely had to give it a try.  I am pleased to tell you that I am absolutely delighted with the result, after practising the Ruler for a few weeks.  Besides being able to feel qi in my hands and arms, I can even feel it in my abdomen and feet!  I am now able to feel qi doing any Tai Chi and Qigong forms!  Absolutely amazing!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this powerful practice available to people like me.”

Mark, USA


"I have learnt another Ruler form previously.  However, I really enjoy your form because the movements are more rhythmical and require that I use my whole body.  I noticed that the Ruler itself is a bit different.  I get a stronger sensation of qi whenever I use your Ruler, doing the same set of movements.  I think I worked out where the secret lies!  I am glad that I have your Ruler and DVD!"

Reiko, Japan


"The Ruler itself is very beautiful and the written material is clear and very helpful.    Although I have been teaching Qigong and Tai Chi for over twenty years, the Ruler was an eye-opener!  It has slowed down my breathing and improved my focus in all my usual practices.  I feel deeply relaxed.  I now have a strong qi feeling throughout my whole body.  Many thanks for your instruction."

Edouard, France


"Thank you for showing me the difference between the Ruler and Bang (Stick).  I thought they were the same!  They are so absolutely different – the instruments themselves, their purposes, respective movements and the feeling!  Now I understand how the physical flexibility and strength compliment the internal circulation of qi.  I wish I had come across your site earlier!"

Melissa, USA


"The Bang, Ruler and DVDs are of very high quality indeed.  I am very satisfied!"

 Mario, Czech Republic

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Free Bonus
        Purchase the Tai Chi Ruler Qigong DVD package now and the Academy's "Tai Chi Manual", valued at AUD$26-, will be yours free.  The manual is filled with training gems and interesting articles that will inspire you along the way.

 Note: The DVD is Region Free 0.  It will play in all regions, that is, all DVD players.  It is available in both PAL and NTSC formats.  We will automatically send out the NTSC format for orders from USA and Canada.
       For orders from other countries, we send out the PAL format unless requested otherwise.

Be the proud owner of this Ruler Qigong set!  Feel the flow of qi and calm the mind.  Order now by filling out this secure online order form!

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