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Invigorate the Mind and Body with Ba Duan Jin Qigong (Eight Section Brocade) DVD

Presenter: Brett Wagland
Duration: 60 mins
Instruction in English
Widescreen format

  • Relieve stress

  • Feel refreshed & invigorated

  • Open & stretch the body

  • Tone up & strengthen the internal organs

Suitable for all people
No pre-requisite necessary
Easy and enjoyable

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice of cultivating energy (qi).  Qi means life force.  The Wudang Taoist Qigong of Ba Duan Jin (Eight Section Brocade) is so named because of the silk like quality it brings to the body and its energy.  These exercises help to open and strengthen the joints and sinews of the body.  They have a beneficial effect on major organs of the body heart, lungs, kidneys, spleen and stomach.  This medical Qigong helps the body to adjust internally and regulate excess heat or cold.  Thus, balance is restored.  The Eight Section Brocade will gently stretch and loosen the body and revitalise your energy. 

       Note: The DVD is Region Free 0.  It will play in all regions, that is, all DVD players.  It is available in both PAL and NTSC formats.  We will automatically send out the NTSC format for orders from USA and Canada.
       For orders from other countries, we send out the PAL format unless requested otherwise.

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