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New Tai Chi courses begin
Mon 27 Apr to Sat 2 May.
Classes as usual at
Kambah and Aranda on Mon 27 Apr.


Please Note! - The Office is closed from Friday 10 to 21 April 2015.  Your bookings for our courses are confirmed once you have paid online.  All DVD orders will be despatched after 23 April.  Thank you for your patience.


Tai Chi & Qigong Meditation Retreat
Sat 11 to Wed 15 April at SIBA

The retreat has something for everybody so join us on a journey of discovery and recovery!



Tai Chi classes (ACT) for Relaxation and Better Health begin 27 April to 2 May


Invigorate Your Life with Wu Dao Gong Internal Martial Arts : Build Inner Strength, Physical Power & Awaken Your Spirit
Fitness, Inner Strength and Self Defence
begins 28 and 30 Apr see course information for details.


Yang Mian Martial Arts Personal Training
Develop Explosive Power that You can Hear, See and Feel!



Ba Gua begins Tues 12 May (6 week course)
Walking Your Way to Greater Strength & Better Health : An Introduction to Ba Gua Zhang (Eight Trigram Palm)


Joint Locking Skills begins Sat 9 May (6 week course)
Develop Suppleness and Dynamic Flexibility


Push Hands begins Thurs 30 Apr
Develop strength and sensitivity



Our Online Magazine is carrying new articles:

Find Better Health through a Calm Mind
Calm Mind - Peaceful Heart
Discover the Treasures Within through Internal Arts Training

An Investment in Your Health that brings Lifelong Results

Suggested Reading:
The End of Overeating : taking control of our insatiable appetite David A Kessler

     Dr David Kessler, former U.S. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner, was known for taking on the tobacco industry.  In this book, he exposes the tactics of modern food manufacturers.  Their products are not innocent wholesome food.  Instead, they are perfectly engineered portions of fat, salt and sugar which hijack the brains of millions. These food products turn consumers into addicts, encouraging us to keep eating all the time.  Now you know why you cannot stop eating that packet of chips even though you might intend to only have a few!  The author also shows us important tools to enable us to reclaim control over our cravings.



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: the reasons that Brett began to learn the art, his Tai Chi journey and what Tai Chi means to him


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