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 Classes as Usual Kambah & Aranda,
on Monday 13 March, Canberra Day.


Annual Tai Chi & Meditation Retreat :
Relax the Body and Calm the Mind
8 to 12 April at the SIBA Retreat Centre

China Trip 2017 :
Journey to the Ancient Heart of China
Fri 20 Oct to Thurs 9 Nov (21 days)
Shanghai, Chengdu, Tiger Leaping Gorge,
Lugu Lake, Lijiang, Mount Wudang,
Xian and Beijing

Know Your Energy Makeup
a Key to a Better Life
Understand your own
unique energy composition!


Tai Chi classes (ACT) for Relaxation and Better Health begin 30 Jan to 2 Feb


Invigorate Your Life with Wu Dao Gong Internal Martial Arts : Build Inner Strength, Physical Power & Awaken Your Spirit
Fitness, Inner Strength and Self Defence
begins 31 Jan and 2 Feb

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New articles:
Xiu Lian - Self Cultivation
The Yin and Yang in Tai Chi
Reflections on the Tai Chi and
        Meditation Retreat, April 2016

What is the Difference between
        Fancy Forms & Gong Fu?

Moving with Awareness Enhances Vitality

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: the reasons that Brett began to learn the art, his Tai Chi journey and what Tai Chi means to him


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