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Testimonials - Hun Yuan Healing Qigong for Vitality and Well Being

Hun Yuan Healing Qigong
Qi or life force energy flows through the meridian pathways in our bodies.  Any hindrance in the flow of qi will lead to poor health or sickness.  Traditional Chinese medicine talks about the smooth flow of qi throughout our bodies for calmness of mind and health of body.  We can build up this energy using various methods.  Qigong (Chi Kung) is one of these methods.  It uses relaxation, visualisation and various postures to create harmony and balance in our mind and body.  This state of calm enables the qi to strengthen.  We then become healthier and more vital.  Your health and well being will benefit greatly from the regular practice of Qigong.

The Hun Yuan Healing Qigong form is extremely relaxing, beneficial and suitable for all people.  It is easy to do.  It balances the nervous system and increases the flow of qi.  It specifically trains the mind to lead the qi.  This Qigong form helps you to feel and connect with the internal in the Tai Chi form.  It especially focuses on fostering a deep level of relaxation and cultivating energy within.  You will become stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. 

"I began Hun Yuan Qigong in February this year as part of my recovery from an illness.  I feel that it has greatly helped me to regain both my strength and my sense of well-being.  I asked my family what changes they had noticed:  'Less grumpy', 'More patient', 'More relaxed', 'Calmer' and 'More energetic'.  I was almost sorry I’d asked!"

Frances, Trainer

“Since starting Hun Yuan Qigong in October 2003, I have found that I have been able to maintain my blood pressure to a reasonable level where the doctor doesn't need to prescribe medication.  The medications I had been taking were making me ill.  Qigong is helping me to stay medication free, side effect free and more relaxed.  I have developed deeper breathing, a calmer mind that is not continually racing and I can now refocus my mind to help me fall quickly into a peaceful sleep.”

Susan, Teacher (June, 2004)

"I find the Hun Yuan Qigong easy to learn and effective in promoting a calming and relaxing state of mind, which I thoroughly enjoy."

Yi Ping, Accountant

"Hun Yuan Qigong seemed easy to learn and remember, with the instructor guiding us through the sequence of movements during class and having a written sheet for practice at home.  It didn’t take long to start noticing Qigong’s calming and peaceful meditative effects.  I found it reduced my levels of stress.  The physical movements helped with keeping my body supple.  I’m sure that learning Qigong while also learning the Tai Chi form helps with getting the full benefits from the form."

Jon, Registered Nurse

"The Hun Yuan Qigong movements have been an invaluable way to become more mindful of being centred, visualising qi, and connecting with my surroundings and nature.  The open, close and circular elements provide a great insight into the Hun Yuan Tai Chi form."

Claire, Landscape Architect

I find the Hun Yuan Qigong has become an essential part of my daily practice and I will always perform a sub-set of the Qigong movements before working on Bang (Stick), Hun Yuan form, Yang form or weapons.  The Qigong is the starting point for my training as it really helps to relax my mind/body and helps me feel internal sensations, before starting working on the form or Bang.

Brett, IT Consultant

“The benefits of this set of movements have been quite profound for me.  I have osteoarthritis in both ankles and in my left knee.  My doctor is quite impressed with my mobility, considering the degree of wear and tear revealed in x-rays.

I found this Hun Yuan set of great benefit from the very first day I tried it.  There were lots of ‘clicks and pops’ in my joints during the exercises.  I was amazed at the freedom of movement I experienced at the completion.  I have found the Hun Yuan Qigong an excellent preparation before practising the form.”

Dave, Carer, Environmental Consultant

“Hun Yuan Qigong I found to be a wonderfully effective form which activates strongly the flow of qi.  The movements are simple but powerful.  I often feel the strength and the benefit of the qi, and, when I have a good session, I feel refreshed and energised.”

 Silvana, Consultant

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