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Testimonials - Tai Chi Form, page 2

I love learning the Hun Yuan Tai Chi.  Its movements are beautiful and dynamic.  There is a strong emphasis on relaxation throughout the form which allows space for your body to be actively relaxed.  I find the movements refreshing and energising.  They have a lovely flow and rhythm to them.

Anna, Mother


"The Hun Yuan Tai Chi form and its Qigong movements have been a delight to study.  There is a definite sense of activation of the meridians and their related organ systems, as well as the cultivation of qi.  The movements develop fluidity, strength and balance and contribute to a foundation for martial effectiveness.  Im looking forward to further opportunity to study this form!"

James, Acupuncturist / Chiropractor

"I took up Tai Chi in 1994 after I heard about its benefits for one’s health and general well-being. Although I believe that learning Tai Chi is a life long journey, I have found the learning itself to be especially enjoyable and have made new friends in the process. Already, I feel my health, posture and self-awareness have improved. The Academy’s instructors are highly skilled and patient. The training is delivered at a deceptively gentle pace but is also a good grounding for those interested in developing self defence skills."

 Klaus, Public Servant

"I commenced Tai Chi 2 years ago and since then I have found my arthritis significantly improved. Benefits include joint pain relief, improved circulation, flexibility and feeling of well being."

Jan, Retired - former Clinical Nurse Consultant

"I am very impressed with the changes which have taken place in me during the two years which I have been doing Tai Chi. My blood pressure has dropped, and I am much more relaxed both physically and mentally. I can recommend it wholeheartedly."

Peter, Computer Consultant

"I never thought that it could start with the soles of my feet. From there on up, sheer relaxation. My knees are stronger and my posture is correct. I never thought that I could rebuild myself!"

Dennis, Architect

"I have found Tai Chi and Qigong induce relaxation and a sense of inner calm which are very valuable.

Even if I am tired at the end of the day, I always go to class. I am always pleased afterwards that I had done so."

David, Psychiatrist

"Some of the benefits I felt from Tai Chi after one term:

  • Improved concentration

  • A sense of inner calm

  • Improved balance

  • Springier walk

  • Stronger legs

  • Reduction or elimination of joint and muscle stiffness (particularly neck, shoulders and hips)

  • Much better integration of upper and lower body (arms now swing when walking)

  • Stronger back (easier getting in and out of the car)"

Bronwyn, Artist

"Practising the gentle art of Tai Chi has given me improved health, a greater level of fitness and a more relaxed attitude towards life.  Some of the health benefits I have gained include - no more migraines, no more neck problems and no more chilbains.

I was first introduced to Hun Yuan Tai Chi about a year ago.  I was impressed by what appeared to be a series of smooth, circular arm movements that followed gentle, continuous turning of the waist and body.  Twelve months further on, I am now very glad that I am learning this Tai Chi system.  It is very deep, yet very simple in its philosophy.  It is teaching me what turning the waist really means, what transferring the weight really feels like, and what true coordination really is!  The movements themselves bring a sense of calm and balance along with better health, through the continuous gentle turning of all of the joints of the body."

Joy, Teacher

"I started Tai Chi in my sixties and it has helped me to be stronger, more flexible and free of aches and pains, especially in my hip joints. I am now enjoying my Tai Chi times as they combine physical effort with a feeling of tranquillity. I particularly enjoy doing my routine outside in my garden. I can recommend Tai Chi to anyone at any time in their lives."


"Tai Chi is the best treatment for RSI I have found. It relaxes inside the joints where no massage can ever reach. When I do Tai Chi, I find I forget any pain I have. The main improvement I have noticed is that the pain that I do get goes away more quickly. I also have learnt to relax shoulder tension that I accumulate from the normal stresses of office work."

Kim, Public Servant

"The Tai Chi form, especially when combined with Qigong meditation, gives a sense of physical well being and peace of mind which increases with practice under supervision."

Jeff, Lawyer

"I don't think I really thanked you guys before I left Canberra, for what you've given me. Tai Chi, true Tai Chi taught well, is such an extraordinary gift. You guys are making so many peoples' lives so much better by what you're doing ... THANKS! Keep it up!"

Simon, University Student

"I have found Tai Chi very relaxing both physically and mentally. Another benefit is an increase in strength and flexibility.

Practice and reference to the Tai Chi videos enable me to obtain the maximum benefit from formal classes. Each Tai Chi movement is explained and demonstrated simply and clearly."

John, Retired

"My name is Len and I have been following your program on the Lifestyle channel, 'Lets Get Fit'. I think I have learnt the Tai Chi form to where you do the Single Whip. I absolutely love it and wish I could do it with you in Canberra.

I have been following your shows now for about four months. Until then, I was suffering a bit of depression due to lack of employment. Also, I had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. It was so bad that my wife was massaging my neck, middle back and shoulders every night with arthritis cream. It is incredible that after about three weeks of doing your Tai Chi exercises, I realised that I no longer needed my massage.

I still get the odd twinge but nothing to what I had. I must tell you how easy I have found following your Sat and Sun sessions. I am doing the exercises every day and really love the Qi Gong part of it. I have been wanting to do some Qi Gong for quite some time but have been unable to find anything in my area.

Brett, you and Fontane have brought me back from the depths of depression and I have even given up smoking. I did a form of Tai Chi years ago, which I learnt from my friend's mother. But I love your style heaps more. I can feel myself getting fitter. It is like when I was young and doing Aikido with my brother-in-law. Isn't it funny for a person who enjoyed physical fitness to let themselves go so much? I would dearly love to train with you two personally, so who knows, one day I might get to Canberra.

 It would be great if your style was in my area. The locals don't know what they're missing.

Anyway, I'd better go. Once again, thanks heaps for giving me the opportunity to learn a great style. Oh! before I forget, I felt the qi the other day for the first time. I have always wanted to develop my qi but never could. Now when I start exercising, I feel the warmth in my hands."


"Since taking up the practice of Tai Chi in February 1995, I have noted a significant improvement in my health. The slow and low impact appearance of the movements hides its true strengths. As I learn more about this wonderful art, I have begun to understand that it really does work, and it's great fun as well. I would highly recommend Tai Chi to people of all ages and abilities."

Craig, Public Servant

"The Hun Yuan Tai Chi form is enjoyable to learn and very relaxing to practise.  The large circular movements involving waist, arms and shoulders have really helped improve my flexibility."

Andrea, Retired

"Hun Yuan has given me new insight into the nature and practice of Tai Chi.  The opening and closing of body movements has given me a heightened appreciation and sensation of the generation of power through the hips, torso and into the arms."

Robert, Engineer

"The large, open arm movements and relaxed upper body postures of Hun Yuan Tai Chi help me to keep my shoulders relaxed throughout the form.  This, combined with the flowing, circular movements of the Hun Yuan form, has also helped me remain mindful of upper body relaxation during my martial arts practice."

Bernie, Artist / Printmaker

"The gentle, flowing nature of the Hun Yuan Tai Chi form makes it very enjoyable to learn and a joy to practise.  The open, expansive movements really emphasise using the waist and relaxing the upper body.  The Hun Yuan form has helped me get more in touch with my body and the internal feelings generated by Tai Chi and Qigong.  I would encourage all Tai Chi players to give it a go.  You'll be surprised by the results!"

Stephen, IT Consultant

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