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Tai Chi for Life
interviewed by Instructor Lis

Niggling tendon and ligament injuries in shoulders, knees and ankles gained through sport and work, gave Gerard the incentive to try Tai Chi.


         I was looking for something to alleviate the nagging pains, something that would be challenging to learn, be long term and offer the pursuit of excellence.  That was important. I also wanted something to maintain quality of life in my later years.


         Chief Instructor Brett did an introductory session at Gerards workplace in which he taught some Qigong, a few Tai Chi movements and demonstrated the martial arts applications and Push Hands.  Gerard liked the principles and relaxation so decided to enrol in the classes.


        I knew the name but I didnt know much about Tai Chi before the introductory lesson.  Id stayed away from those sorts of things although martial arts had always fascinated me.  Id never done any, though.


        With a military background, Gerard was used to working hard to get things right and likes to be corrected and told what he should do to improve.  Some people might not want that but I do.  Im a bit of a perfectionist.  When I started, I used the DVD but now I dont.  I never had trouble either learning the movements or remembering the sequence and I think that comes down to practice and the desire to get it right.  Consistency is the key, that and not over thinking.


        I missed some classes due to travel with work.  When I returned to class, I went back a few levels even though Id finished the whole form.  I wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly.  Theres no time limit to learning this. 


        A fit, strong man, Gerard runs regularly despite being told by his doctor someone of his build shouldnt.  He thinks the Tai Chi has loosened his hips and that the joint problems are very slowly improving.  He did some of the Wu Dao Gong martial arts training but changed to Yang Mian.


        Yang Mian focuses more on the upper body movement and the use of the waist.  This ties in well with the Tai Chi training by encompassing the physical and internal.  They complement each other.  The movement in both systems must be generated from the body and the breathing is natural.  Because the Yang Mian movement is more explosive, this is really hard to do.  Im really enjoying one night Yang Mian training and one night Tai Chi class per week.  Ideally all this should be a daily routine.  I do as much as I can but its hard to cover everything.


        I like the stillness of the Tai Chi.  In a busy life, the hour of peace and quiet in class is very beneficial.  Ive discovered mindfulness is hard work keeping focused on one thing is difficult for more than about two minutes.  I must be the oldest person with ADD.  I find it hard to keep still.


        I think the benefits from my Tai Chi practice are broad and far reaching, both physically and mentally.  One thing Id like to say is that the teaching is fantastic, both for the martial arts classes and the Tai Chi.  Theres a very friendly and inclusive atmosphere which makes people want to be there.  No pressure comes from the instructors but students are encouraged to do their best.  Its an art so improvement comes from the desire and willingness to learn.  


(This is an actual interview, but the name has been changed for reasons of privacy.)