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Keeping Healthy is a Priority
interviewed by Instructor Lis

Karen’s Tai Chi journey began in 2009 after recovering from treatment for breast cancer.


“Having used Chinese medicine to help with the side effects of chemotherapy, I was looking for a long term way of investing in my health.  A cancer support group I was attending mentioned Tai Chi as an aid to recovery.  I knew of Tai Chi but not what was available in Canberra so I started looking for information.  I picked up a brochure about the Tai Chi and Chi Kung Academy somewhere.


What impressed me was the length and depth of experience of the instructors, and the testimonials on the website from students.  I’ve since discovered some people have been with the Academy for a very long time – fifteen or even twenty years.”


Karen’s doctors have pronounced her clear of her cancer which is a great relief but she will be one of these long term students because she signs up every term without question.  “I look forward to the classes, the friends I’ve made, the feeling that it gives and the interesting information and anecdotes the instructors impart to support the practice.  I particularly enjoy the Qigong.  I’ve done a couple of extra courses including the Taoist 5 Elements Sitting Qigong, another part in improving my health and well-being.  By the third session in that, I began to feel the energy connection from the point of entry to the relevant internal organ.”


“At one period for a few months, I got up at 6.30am and practised before anyone else woke up.  It felt really good and I slept fantastically well.  The daily schedule ran better, everything was calmer.  I should get back into that routine.  I tend to practise more when I’m not feeling well.”


Like many students Karen found the movements challenging at first – not so much the co-ordination but getting the feeling of the practice.


“I’d done some yoga but this was completely different.  I didn’t really get it until Level 2.  Learning the whole form was challenging but I practised the new moves as soon as I arrived home after class.  I can’t recommend this enough to beginners.  I’d show my family what I’d learned and I gave names to some of the movements such as ‘pat the dog’ and ‘start the lawnmower’.  This, combined with the patience of the instructors, made it possible to progress to the Refinement class.”


“Now it’s an ongoing challenge to connect the movements from the centre of the body.  Knowing what it should feel like is important and sometimes I get it in some movements but it’s hard to keep that going right through the form.


In a very early class, I clearly remember the feeling of electricity moving through my arms, as if the hairs on my arms were standing on end.  I was stunned and excited by this and immediately told Brett, the Chief Instructor.  I felt something!  This encouraged me to practise more.”


The benefits Karen has gained from her Tai Chi experience are tangible and obvious to herself and her family.


“My husband has encouraged me to continue as he notices the difference in me before and after Tai Chi.  I’ve also shown my children some of the Qigong exercises, which they do with me from time to time.


It’s helped enormously with controlling worrying thoughts about my health and my future.  I tend to be overly conscious of any health issues now but the peace and feeling after practice is wonderful.  The whole day becomes smoother after Tai Chi.”


(This is an actual interview, but the name has been changed for reasons of privacy.)