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A Physical and Spiritual Life Changer
interviewed by Instructor Lis

James credits his involvement with Tai Chi and Wu Dao Gong with changing the direction of his life.


I tried yoga but I didnt like it much.  The positions stretched me but it was hard to relax.  Id always been interested in Chinese medicine and philosophies so I had a feeling for Tai Chi and the concept appealed more than the Indian background of yoga.


I must have begun Tai Chi in 2002 because I learnt the whole of the traditional Yang form and then we changed to the Hun Yuan in 2003.  A few years later I was becoming a bit overweight. When my doctor measured my waist, he told me I was a prime candidate for the triple threat of diabetes, heart attack and stroke.  I needed more strenuous exercise and less cheese and salami!


I began the Wu Dao Gong martial arts training to develop better cardio fitness and discovered its a real workout. I sweat a lot.


Looking at this slim, fit, energetic man in his early sixties, its difficult to believe he was ever overweight.


I had a massage recently and the masseuse was very impressed with my shoulder and back flexibility, and my muscle tone.  She said most people my age are very tight in those areas.


Physical fitness is just one of the benefits James has gained.  He really enjoys the Qigong training because his occupation involves shift work and can be very stressful.  He credits Tai Chi and Wu Dao Gong with his ability to maintain concentration and focus during the worst moments in his job.


Tai Chi is a very grounding thing for me.  Im more mindful of tension in my body and am able to release that consciously when Im under stress.  Its a really valuable tool.  Tai Chi has become part of my life.  Its been a physical and emotional life changer.


Doing Qigong is like giving yourself an acupuncture session making the qi flow freely.  It enhances and focuses the internal energy.  The Tai Chi form and the Qigong end up being the same thing.


I also feel a strong spiritual dimension.  I can feel the energy centres when I practise Qigong.  I think these are the bodys link to the universe where we become connected to everything around us, and become part of it.


The most difficult thing for me was and is finding time to practise.  Because my free time changes constantly depending on the shifts I work, its hard to set up a routine.  Its best when I have the morning free.  When I first started, Brett always told us to practise but I was never sure exactly what to do and how to make the most efficient use of my time.  I devised my own routine to take in both the Tai Chi form and the Wu Dao Gong training.


Ive done the Bang (Stick form), Sensing Hands, the Ruler and the Hun Yuan Qigong set.  Ive been going to classes nonstop since I first began although I may have taken a term off once when I hurt my knee.  I used to have a little trouble with my back but I havent had any problems with it for ages.


Originally from New Zealand, James sometimes thinks of returning to his birthplace to be closer to family and old friends but then Theres no Tai Chi Academy in New Zealand.    


(This is an actual interview, but the name has been changed for reasons of privacy.)