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Tai Chi : an Effective Exercise for Mind and Body
interviewed by Instructor Lis

After the birth of her twins in late 2009, Rebecca wanted a form of exercise that wasnt too strenuous and would give her time for herself out of the house.  Shed always been interested in meditation but felt the versions shed learned were too static, she needed something to make her move.

Tai Chi was the ideal solution.  Like many of the Academy students, Rebecca had planned to attend classes for perhaps a year but after completing the form in 2010, she just kept coming back.  For a busy mother of energetic twins and an older child, time to herself is in short supply.

I have to do what practice I can when I can.  Its either dont it at all or do little bits.  I like Tai Chi because I dont need any equipment and I can practise any place and any time I have a few minutes in the kitchen or the backyard or up and down the hallway.

An accountant by profession, Rebecca went back to work this year but soon after was made redundant.  She would often do some Tai Chi practice at lunchtime in nearby Glebe Park to clear her head and breathe some fresh air, returning to work refreshed and relaxed for the afternoon.


I really noticed the difference in my attitude as opposed to my colleagues.  I didnt become involved in the usual office grumbles and stress and could see that the irritations and annoyances would pass.  People would say to me I wish I was as calm as you.  I realised that was how I had been before stressed and worried.  I also thought to myself they could do something about it the way I did.

The thing that attracts me most is the mental aspect the calming effect of the Qigong.  My days are so hectic with twin three year old boys.  I really like the awareness of the present moment the meditation brings.  My minds a mess most of the time.

I dont have any physical issues but Tai Chi has made me very aware of my posture and where my body is taking the weight.  For example, if my lower back is a bit sore, I can relax my knees and realign myself to reduce the pressure.  I really like the detailed anatomical knowledge Instructor Chris brings to his classes.

My pregnancy with two big babies was hard on my body but Im pleased I started Tai Chi because I think it helped me get back into shape a bit faster than I would have otherwise.  I felt my body began functioning better.  I really like the notion of strengthening the tendons and ligaments without building up excessive muscle strength.  Id never heard of this concept before and it intrigues me.  Its the connective tissues that hold the body together, all the joints.  If theyre stretched and weak, youre in trouble later in life. 

I see my mother and mother-in-law, both in their mid to late sixties, ageing and already they have arthritic joints and mobility problems.  I dont want to be like that at such a relatively young age.  Im a firm believer in preventive medicine.  While my body is still healthy, I want to keep it that way for as long as possible.  I dont want to wait until I have a back problem or something before I start thinking about it.

I learned the Bang (Stick) form to offset the effects of computer use.  I have a tendency to tendonitis and the Bang helps with that.

Years ago Rebecca did a meditation retreat in the Blue Mountains.  There she learned about internal energy so now she has an increased awareness of her own energy flow.  When her Tai Chi and Qigong practice lapsed at home, even though she was still attending classes, she noticed a drop in her qi or energy.

I learned the Ruler Qigong to recharge myself.  It did but I dont do enough practice to maintain the level.  When my children are older, itll be easier to find time.

What does Rebecca like best about Tai Chi?

Tai Chi takes care of the mind and the body all at once, very efficiently.  It optimises the use of time and I can keep doing it until Im really old.


(This is an actual interview, but the name has been changed for reasons of privacy.)