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Tai Chi Courses


Archived Features
Why is the Hun Yuan System so Effective?
First Stage of Hun Yuan
Training in Wu Dao Gong
Hun Yuan Qigong

Silk Reeling Gong
China Trip Highlights 03
China Trip Highlights 04
China Trip Highlights 05
China Trip Highlights 06
China Trip Highlights 07
China Trip Highlights 09
Insight from Chen Xiang
Training with Chen Xiang
Chinese New Year Demo
Wisdom of Internal Arts
2011 Retreat at SIBA
China Trip Highlights 11 Interview - Feng Xiu Qian
Tao of Success in Life
Weakness to Strength 

2012 Retreat at SIBA
Energy for Life
As Calligraphy
China Trip Highlights 13
Qigong : Living Well
Health - Calm Mind
Testimonials on
Tai Chi Form, page 1
Tai Chi Form, page 2

Fa Soong Gong - relax...
Hun Yuan Qigong

Silk Reeling Exercises
Tai Chi Bang (Stick)
Internal Martial Arts
Tai Chi DVDs etc.
Archived Feature Articles and Interviews


Feature Articles
Breaking the Cycle of Stress
Living in the Moment Brings True Happiness
How does Softness Overcome Hardness?
Qigong : Harnessing the Dragon Within
Some Helpful Hints on Dealing with Stress
Better Health and Well Being
Qigong : the Way to Experience Inner Calm
Building Internal Strength
Strengthening the Lower Back
Tai Chi at ADFA
Tai Chi Philosophy for Daily Life
The Tao of Tai Chi
Training with the Great Tai Chi Legend
The Many Faces of Yin Yang

Tai Chi : the Art of Self Defence
Words of Wisdom from a World Famous Tai Chi Grandmaster

A Look at the Various Stages of Tai Chi
Points to Look For in Your Practice
Grandmaster Fu, an Inspiration

Push Hands with a great Tai Chi Master
Tao of Learning

Good Posture - Essential to Qigong
Making a Place for Tai Chi in Your Life

Energy Cultivation and Tai Chi
Be Strong and Yet Flexible Like a Tree in the Wind
The Philosophy of Yin Yang
Empower Yourself through Tai Chi
Developing Your Centre
More Than Words Can Say
The Way of the Master : an Endless Journey
Bagua Grandmaster Ma Chuan Xu's Visit to Canberra (February 2004)
The Nature of Taoism
Healing & the Emotions
Energy for Life - Cultivating the Mind

Training for Life
Ancient Approach to Developing Strength of Mind
Building a Solid Foundation
Living a Spirited Life
Tai Chi Improves More than Your Health
The Essentials of Hun Yuan Tai Chi
The Importance of Harmony between Man and Nature
The Impact of Qigong on Our Lives

Discover the Treasure Hidden Within
Health and Healing through Tai Chi
Integrating Mind, Body and Spirit through Tai Chi
Meditation + Motion = Tai Chi
Keep the Energy Flowing
Journey to Self Mastery
Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World
What is the purpose of Practising Tai Chi Slowly?
Tai Chi Trains for Life
Tai Chi and the Art of Sensitivity

The Power of Concentration
Believe in Yourself and the Mind will Follow
Tai Chi : Secrets to Good Health and Harmonious Living
In the Pursuit of Happiness - Look in Your Pocket
Discovering the Essence of Chinese Kung Fu
Awaken Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Discovering the Internal Arts of China
Harnessing the Power of the Mind

Observations on the Tai Chi and Meditation Retreat at SIBA in Form and Formlessness (2008)
Flight, Flight, Flow
Foster the Spirit of Kung Fu in Everyday Life

The 3 Harmonies of Tai Chi - with Ourselves, Others and Nature
More to Qigong & Tai Chi that Meets the Eye

Slow Down and Enjoy the Moment

What makes Tai Chi and Qigong Unique Treasures

Reflections on the Tai Chi and Meditation Retreat, April 2010

Standing Well
So, Why Should You Practise?
Tai Chi and the Tao
Finding Health, Happiness and Harmony with Life with Tai Chi
Can Tai Chi Help You to Discover the Source of Happiness?

Cultivate the 3 Hidden Treasures
Awaken to Your Full Potential
The Passing of another Great Master


Skilful Use of Tai Chi
Reflecting on the Many Benefits of Tai Chi
Investment in Tai Chi Practice Speeds Up Recovery
Philosophy of Tai Chi becomes Second Nature to Leo
A Look at the Dedication and Commitment of Louis Swaim
A Glimpse of Taoism with Dr. Ken Gardiner
Reaping the Benefits after Returning to Tai Chi
The Rewards of Tai Chi - Seven Years Along the Path
A young Musician's Perspective on Tai Chi
An Art that Gives Much More than Expected
Managing Chronic Illness through Tai Chi

Grasping Opportunities When They Arise
Practise Tai Chi Regulary - Lose those Aches and Pains!

Your Body is Your Instrument - Learn to Play It Well!
A Tai Chi Journey begins Down South
An Uncommon Tale
Get the Feeling!  Enjoy the Experience!
Living with Chronic Pain
The Importance of Practising Every Day for Well Being
I simply Enjoy It!
Be Still as a Mountain

Turning Back the Aging Clock with Tai Chi
Ensuring a Healthy Future

Tai Chi and Tea
Tai Chi Becomes a Way of Life

The Joy of Tai Chi
The Right Time, the Right Choice in My Life

Perseverance with Tai Chi brings Great Rewards
Life Changing Experience
Maintaining a Balance in Life

The Importance of "My Time" in a Very Busy Life

Throwing off the Mantle of Stress
Laughing at the Impossible

Through Training - I Know Myself
Tai Chi Brings a Fresh Outlook on Life

Tai Chi Helps to Keep Me Young
Using Tai Chi to Relieve Stress