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the Amazing Health Benefits and
the Healing Power of the
Microcosmic Orbit for Yourself !

Easy and Nourishing!  No experience is necessary.  Everyone is welcome.

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5 Week Course : 10 Oct to 7 Nov
Tues 8pm to 9.15pm

Wesley Centre Hall
behind the Rydges Hotel
corner of National Circt and Fitzroy St, Forrest

      The hall can be accessed through the main entrance of the building in the carpark.

Woodblock Print
by Canberra artist, Bernie Slater

$360- (GST included)

    Students who also enrol in Tai Chi or Wu Dao Gong are eligible for a special rate of $280-.

Revision Rate for previous participants : $140-

Bookings are essential.

Phone 6296 1357 or use our secure online payment facility now the fast and efficient way to enrol. 

Please pay the workshop fee to confirm your booking.
     We welcome payment by credit card
M/C, visa, Amex.

►► Checklist:
        Please bring a notebook and pen, blanket and cushion (or pillow) to sit on.
        If you are unable to sit on a cushion, chairs are available.
        Wear comfortable clothing. ◄◄


What is the Microcosmic Orbit?

Taoists have long held the Microcosmic Orbit as the heart of the foundation techniques in their system of health, martial arts and spirituality.  The Microcosmic Orbit is the circulation of internal energy through the body’s Governing (Du Meridian) and Conception (Ren Meridian) Vessels which run up the spine and down the front of the body’s midline.  Opening this circuit is important because it links all the major energy pathways (meridians or Jing Lou) which support the internal organs and their functions.  It nourishes and heals the body on a deep level and strengthens yin energy. 


        For thousands of years, Taoist masters kept this training method a secret for their own development, in terms of health and longevity and for the cultivation of a strong internal foundation.  Without the Orbit being truly open, it is almost impossible to advance to higher levels in qigong.  Nowadays, it is an important tool in self healing.  Opening the Orbit will stimulate the body’s innate healing processes.


        This is a sitting Qigong.  Students will be taught a simple but effective method to stimulate the energy centres and build up the energy to open the Orbit naturally.  There are many books that describe various ways to open the Microcosmic Orbit.  Unfortunately, these can often be misleading and are fraught with misconceptions.   This is why it is important to learn from a teacher who can guide you through this energy landscape.  If not, it is easy to become lost by practising an incorrect method.  Not only will time be wasted, it could also lead to energy imbalance which defeats the whole purpose of the Orbit.


        In this course, you will learn to use the mind to work directly with the energy instead of relying on movement to guide the energy.  There is a number of steps and each step will progressively develop benefits for the heart, respiratory and digestive systems.  It will also improve sexual functioning, the immune and endocrine systems and boost overall energy levels.


        Once the Microcosmic Orbit is open, you will truly know and experience the intelligence of energy.  It will automatically adjust the energy flow, sending energy to where it is needed.  This has a huge beneficial impact on the organs and their meridians which are always being supported by the strength of the Orbit.  In another words, all the tributaries are now being nourished by the two main rivers which are strong and flowing as one.  This is an indispensable practice for anyone who is serious about maintaining good health and/or taking energy development to another level!


        The opening of the Orbit is a major milestoneThere is life before the Orbit and then – life after the Orbit.  You will find a very noticeable difference in the functioning of your energy (and thereby your health) as your Orbit becomes powerful.


        Many of the Orbit students were surprised by the simplicity and power of this practice.  They were astonished by how much they could feel.  After 2 months of practice, some students reported that a few of the energy centres became hot during the sitting.  This was amazing, considering all the years of doing other practices where they had never ever felt warmth, let alone strong heat, in those areas.



The workshop will be presented by Fontane Ip whose teaching experience spans 26 years.  Fontane specialises in Qigong and meditation practices.  She speaks about significant aspects which are rarely discussed.  This knowledge is usually not taught openly.  She explains the relevance of this ancient wisdom as it applies to our daily lives. 



“What I have gained so far from the Microcosmic Orbit practice:

● incentive for regular meditation

● sensing the energy flows within my body and particularly at the energy centres 

● peace and calm within myself

● more easily able to work under pressure without the impact of the stress and quicker recovery

● less tired also and better sleep

Of all the practices I’ve learnt from the Tai Chi Academy, this is the best, the most helpful …… so far!”

Jon, Registered Nurse




“My experience has been really good.  I’ve been able to feel the free flow of energy through the main centres, and understand that it has its own consciousness to find where it needs to go to help the areas where needed (lower back in my case). 

    I’ve gained a lot of extra energy, feel amazing and it seems to help me in long tiring days at work, especially physical labour. 

    It has also helped me with self discipline knowing how good this tool is and how it has benefitted my life and others to lead a relaxing stress-free life.  Hope the course continues.  Thank you.”

Adam, Bricklayer


“I have thoroughly enjoyed the Microcosmic Orbit course.  On paper, the process is very simple.  In practice, it can be relaxing, peaceful and elusive.

    The first class where my insides were vibrating was just extraordinary.

    Fontane’s instructions and explanations have been great."

Julie, Accountant


“Doing regular Microcosmic Orbit practice has benefitted me in a number of ways:

● more energy

● clarity

● ability to calm myself when needed (less anxiety)

● increased sensitivity to thoughts, feelings and body awareness

    I’ve also noticed that during the course, my other qigong practices have deepened.  And I feel like this is only the beginning ……”

Andrew, Public Servant


“I found that I feel more relaxed but alert and content – happier.  This feeling continues for longer the more I practise.”

Elizabeth, Office Worker


"Here is a short, simple meditation technique that I can follow, and that will give me better health and greater energy.

    Fontane’s commitment and belief in this practice was inspirational.  Her explanations made the instructions and outcomes very easy to understand.  It is well structured and flows easily from one step to the next.

    Her enthusiasm, vibrance and encouragement as she spoke convinced me that I can do this.  Her words were, ‘Just do it.  Just stick to the method and it will work.’

    I have tried several meditation processes but I have not encountered one that suits me so well and that will bring such good results.

    It was good to hear the comments and questions from others in the group.  It seemed that we were all thinking and experiencing similar things.

    Thank you so much Fontane for introducing us to this practice.  I know it will take some time but I am looking forward to the journey.”



“Clear and motivating instruction in a practice which I am sure will be an invaluable life-long skill.”

Darrell, Director


“This course was surprisingly relaxing.  Little physical effort was involved, but I was able to feel my energy more strongly than before.  I also noticed several improvements in my state of health and well being.  As an unexpected side effect, I noticed that my eyesight actually improved.  I discovered this when I was able to read small supermarket labels without wearing glasses.  For years now, I have worn glasses to read labels.

    The course was well presented.  Although there were no notes provided, we were given detailed background and information on the practices, in addition to helpful advice about how to continue with it effectively.  We learned about the barriers to practising well.  This is a long term commitment and diligence is the key to reaping the rewards!”

Pauline, Retired


“The simplest things can be the most complex and the Microcosmic Orbit is such a thing.  We learnt about our energy, our ‘fire’, our mindset and their inter-relationship.  My sense is that the Orbit isn’t something to be learnt but quietly absorbed into our lives.  Thank you Fontane for this excellent course.”

Paul, Architect


“My experience has been a re-introduction to the practice of meditation after several starts and lapses.  I am reinvigorated to pursue this time, from both the example and inspiration of Fontane.

    The gains have been too subtle to measure as yet, but I feel that I am benefitting from the daily discipline of practice.  The highlight has been the class itself each week, where Fontane’s energy is palpable.  It is like a shot in the arm – in a good way.

    I am excited and intrigued by what this practice offers, in conjunction with the other practices and courses offered by the Academy.  We are so very fortunate to have Brett and Fontane in Canberra.”

Diane, Retired Administrator


“The course is wonderful.  I found the practice powerful and very calming.  As always, simplicity is hard to actually attain!  But the support and class time help so much to steer me in a good direction, again and again.  Thank you Fontane.”

Lynda, Therapist


“So far, I have found I am able to focus more consistently on the areas and I have become aware of an attendant sense of warmth and activity in those areas.  Also, the beginnings of activity/sensation in the various points along the path of the Orbit.

    Generally a very pleasant, calming and restorative practice.”



“I enjoyed learning the Microcosmic Orbit as part of a group.  I learnt a lot from the questions participants asked and Fontane’s explanations.

    I found the instructions clear and easy to follow.

    I look forward to the benefits that this practice promises and hope to one day experience an open orbit!

    Thanks Fontane.”

Ruth, Public Servant


“I’ve become calmer; internalised anger is no longer such a part of my life.  That in itself is marvellous.  From here I think I can progress to who knows where?”



“I have been practising the Microcosmic Orbit almost every day for the past few months and have combined the practice with the Self Healing Qigong that I learnt at the beginning of this year.

    As part of the Microcosmic Orbit practice, I have begun feeling the building of energy in my lower abdomen that I now also notice during my Tai Chi practice and also during the day at work and at home.  Learning and practising this Qigong also coincided with a sudden increase in my understanding of the Tai Chi form because I have begun to feel greater sense of balance, coordination and awareness of my body.

    Doing the practice has been a real eye opener of what can be achieved.  During one of the classes, after we had practised for about some time, we went through and focused on each of the points along the body that the Orbit passes through.  The feeling of each point opening was incredibly strong and much stronger than I have felt from any other practice.

    I also feel that it is improving my health.  At the beginning of spring, I caught a nasty flu that was going around but quickly recovered and in two days was back at work.  A lot of people at work commented on how quickly I had recovered because other people they knew had taken a week or more to be up and feeling well enough to go to work.  I think this quick recovery was due to my regular practice of both the Microcosmic Orbit and Self Healing Qigong.  In the past I would taken a long time to recover and often had persistent coughs after having a cold or the flu.

    Along with this, I also have more energy when practising and feel more motivated to train for longer.”

Adrian, Project Manager


"Some important concepts for me included:

● don't have expectations;

● change will come with practice;

● how I feel is largely irrelevant – it is the practice that is important

● regular practice is critical and requires a serious dose of discipline;

● 'clear and gentle'.

    Over the weeks of the course, I have found that the Self Healing Qigong and the Microcosmic Orbit practice reinforce each other.  I suppose that that is an indication of progress.  I don't practise them together but find that the Taoist Stretching Qigong exercises seem to fit naturally with either one during a practice session.

    I value the detailed knowledge that has accompanied learning and practising the process on Tuesday evenings.  For me it is important that I have an understanding of what I am doing, what is happening and where I am going.

    Working through the process as part of a group on the Tuesday was significantly different to my experience of the practice at home.  Concentration and relaxation seemed much easier and clearer.

    The other interesting experience was the long drive back to Barragga Bay (near Bermagui).  The 3 hours or so went quickly and I was surprised at my level of alertness at that time of night and after a long day which included Tai Chi training in Bermagui in the morning, the drive to Canberra and an acupuncture session with Fei Wang.”



"From Fontane’s explanation of the big picture of Qigong and my own practice, I feel the following benefits from the Microcosmic Orbit training:

●  a much deeper understanding of Qigong

●  sleep soundly through the night and wake up refreshed

●  better concentration, clearer mind and calmer overall

●  able to use my intention to direct qi much more effectively

●  a deeper sense of well being and contentment"

John-Pierre, Earth Moving Contractor and ACT Premier League (First Grade) soccer player


“Firstly, thank you to Fontane for teaching this course.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but as the weeks went by, I enjoyed it more and more.

    Having done the Self Healing Qigong earlier in the year, I found the Microcosmic Orbit to be a natural progression in my Qigong practice and its evolution.

    The explanations that Fontane gave about Qigong and its working filled in a lot of gaps in my knowledge and enabled me to put the pieces together and gain a greater understanding of the purpose of the practice and Qigong on a grander scale.

    From my practice, I have noticed that my health has slowly improved and my energy levels have been steadily increasing to levels I haven’t felt for some time.  I also noticed that I don’t feel unwell as often as I was in the past, which is great!

    I would encourage anyone who is interested in improving their health, energy levels or just interested in Qigong to do the Self Healing Qigong and Microcosmic Orbit.  It could be one of the best things you do for yourself, and your overall health.”

Tony, Retailer


"I found the information very enlightening to hear during the course.  I have heard parts before at other courses and retreats, but it was good to hear again and link all the information together a bit more.  It was interesting to hear again about the energy structure and how the practice ‘fills in’ the holes of the energy structure before enough can build up to circulate.  Also I have learnt that I need to stop trying so hard and take a more relaxed attitude, rather than trying to force things and remain 100% focused, which I find impossible.

    I don’t know if this is related to the Microcosmic Orbit practice or the Taoist Stretching Qigong.  I have noticed that I tend to hold a lot of tension/stress in my lower abdomen – when I feel rushed or late or annoyed or nervous or excited etc.  I can now feel that my lower abdomen is constricting/contracting, and I can consciously stop and take a minute to relax it by taking some calming breaths.  I think this has been happening for a few years now, but I hadn’t ever related the physical feeling to my mental state before.   So I think it may be a sign that my mind has more of a connection with my body, instead of being so separate.  I hope so, anyway.  

    On a recent flight from Sydney to Perth, I was extremely tired.  We had gone to bed at midnight after packing the car, then woken at 2am to drive to Sydney Airport for a 7am flight.  The two kids aged 4 and 7 did not go to sleep either in the car or on the plane.  I was sitting with them trying to keep them entertained while my husband sat a few rows away. 

    After 2-3 hours' flying, by 10am I was so tired, I felt like crying!  I then swapped seats with my husband and was able to close my eyes at last.  I can never sleep on planes, so I decided to practise the Microcosmic Orbit meditation while I had the chance.  I didn't feel anything during the meditation.  But when I opened my eyes at the end, I immediately noticed I wasn't tired anymore.  We landed in Perth at lunchtime and I was able to manage the whole rest of that day without feeling tired, until about 10pm that night.”

Kath, Freelance Editor and Science Writer