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10 Week Course (ACT)
Tues 24 July to Thurs 27 Sept

Internal Martial Arts

Wu Dao Gong

Fitness, Inner Strength &
Self Defence

Unleash the Dragon Within!

Invigorate Your Life - feel the difference!

  • Feel calmer and be more confident

  • Notice your energy and stamina improve

  • Be stronger and more flexible

  • Think more clearly and concentrate better

  • See your self defence skills, your internal energy and your martial power develop

Beginners' Courses in Year 2018 (ACT)

  • Tues 6 Feb to Thurs 12 Apr 2018

  • Tues 1 May to Thurs 5 July 2018

  • Tues 24 July to Thurs 27 Sept 2018

  • Tues 16 Oct to Thurs 20 Dec 2018

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Wu Dao Gong, Natural Style Kung Fu
the Way to Improve the Quality of Your Life through Strengthening the Body, Cultivating the Mind and Nurturing the Spirit

No experience is necessary.

Tuesday 1 May to Thursday 5 July
10 weeks duration.
All classes are 1 hour 30 minutes.

Bookings are not necessary.
For Beginners, the first lesson is obligation free.  Wear comfortable clothing and flat soled shoes. 

Beginners' classes are held in the following locations throughout the course. 

   Forrest : Tues 6pm - 24 July
   Wesley Centre Gym
   corner National Circt & Fitzroy St
   behind the Rydges Hotel

   Aranda : Thurs 6pm 26 July
   St. Vincent's Primary School Hall
   Bindel St

Bonus Offer : You may attend both classes per week as you wish at no extra cost.

10-week course    Fees : $238- (GST included)
We welcome payment by cash, cheque or credit card
- M/C, visa, Amex.

Money Back Guarantee
If, within 30 days of joining in the internal martial arts program, you are not satisfied with the training, your fees will be refunded in full. We are very confident that you will enjoy what you learn!

Use our secure online payment facility - the fast and efficient way to enrol.


Personal Training
For personal training with Chief Instructor Brett Wagland, please email or phone us for appointment.  Please allow one and a half hours.  Wear loose and comfortable clothing and flat soled shoes






Elbow Power Training




Standard Chop Form

Eddi, who has been training in Wu Dao Gong for 18 years, is practising the Chop form (Pi Quan). The Chop form is one of the most important components in the Wu Dao Gong system. It contains the five major types of power which you can see and hear.
      How old do you think Eddi is?  Would you be surprised if I said he is 60 years old? The Wu Dao Gong system has great potential when it comes to rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit. It is more than a martial system; it is a way to bring out the very best in us all. 





Fighting Chop Form

If you think Eddi shows good explosive power in the Standard Chop Form, see him in action with the Fighting Chop Form in this clip!




Crushing Fist Form



The Free Style Self Defence 5 video clips below are unrehearsed attacks and defence by John-Pierre and Eddi (60 years old). Eddi isn't issuing power at the point of contact. If he does, John will be hurt (bearing in mind Eddi's power shown in the Fighting Chop Form clip). You can see he maintains good posture (without losing his centre) and easily deals with any of John's attacks. The purpose of these clips is to show natural reactions to attacks instead of techniques. These skills come mainly through the practice of Chop Form (Pi Quan), an important training tool in our system.

     Many people who practise the Chop limit it to just technique. However, in our Wu Dao Gong system, it is considered a highly refined tool or method to change the body and eventually arrive at the level of art spontaneously expressing the practitioner's response according to the situation.


     Our system doesn't focus on extended fighting. It is designed to finish the opponent off quickly if necessary. Ultimately, the system is designed to bring change : to liberate your mind and body from its conditioned limitations. At a basic level, it is fighting; at a high level, it is art. If you are not aware of the nature and purpose of this level, you may be wondering what techniques he is using. At this level of spontaneity, everything is technique and no technique. Once you have power and coordination, many things are possible.


Free Style Self Defence against Grappling - Wrestling



Free Style Self Defence against Punching



Free Style Self Defence against Kicking & Grappling



Free Style Self Defence against Kicking



Free Style Self Defence against Wrestling Grab & a Punch




     The power that Eddi produces while moving is penetrating and continuous.  The ability to produce such power on the move is a major characteristic of the Wu Dao Gong system.


     In the Wu Dao Gong system, we use pads to express our power.  They are not used to develop power.  Our power comes from the form training.  This is one of the interesting features of our method.  It is from the form, leg training, San Ti and Push Hands that our power and self defence ability are developed, not sparring or pad work.



     When Chris hits the pads, you can see how much my arms are moving, even though I am doing my best to resist.  This type of power actually penetrates the pads.




Wu Dao Gong

Fitness, Inner Strength & Self Defence

Would you like to improve your health in a holistic way?  Or build your strength and stamina?  Or do you need a change from the gym?  Or supplement your existing training regime?  Or are you unwell and would like to regain your health?  Or do you simply want to de-stress?  Try Wu Dao Gong!  You will find this a rewarding system.

Wu Dao Gong is an internal Chinese martial arts system which develops mind, body and spirit.  This art has been refined and passed down for hundreds of years.  It is inspired by the rich philosophies of Buddhism and Taoism that teach balance and harmony.  Combined with the ancient knowledge of Chinese medicine which promotes health and well-being, and the disciplines and skills of internal martial arts, Wu Dao Gong displays power, confidence and artistry.  All of these features make for a well rounded system of personal growth - a way to live a healthier and happier life, bringing the spirit of optimism to everything we do.


Its body conditioning is truly amazing and is second to none.  It draws on the finest methods of internal and external disciplines that have been refined for thousands of years by many great masters.  Students who practise these methods are amazed at the changes they experience physically, mentally and emotionally. 


This type of training differs greatly from a gym type workout or a purely fighting system as it works in a holistic and integrated way.  The sinews and joints are loosened and then strengthened.  The muscles are toned.  Gradually, the internal organs are affected and even the bones become stronger.  The mind is trained to relax and to develop the ability to focus clearly, even under pressure. 


Benefits that You Can Expect:

   stronger back, more flexible joints and tendons

  ●  increased strength, stamina and energy

    improved posture, flexibility and coordination

  ●  greater confidence

   enhanced feeling of optimism and happiness

   expanded clarity and awareness

  ●  a sense of centredness, calm and peace

  ●  robust internal energy

  ●  development of speed and power


The health and healing aspects of Wu Dao Gong have made many positive changes to our students.  Benefits they have gained include recovering from old injuries, a stronger immune system, a sense of calm and clarity, more energy and confidence and a feeling of well-being which carries the day.


Some of our students are experts in health professions such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, psychology and psychiatry.   All agree that this is a very deep and comprehensive system for training the whole person.


Pai Da : body

What do we train?

The Wu Dao Gong system is based on the principle that stability and growth need to be supported by a deep, strong foundation.  As an old Chinese adage states, "The top is the basics and the basics are the top."   Training starts with loosening tension from muscles, joints and sinews.  Various practices are taught to calm the mind and improve concentration and relaxation.  Methods using punching and kicking develop balance, coordination, concentration and power.  The legs form the physical roots of the body.  According to Chinese medicine, the legs also influence the energetic roots of the body's health and vitality.  


This stage of the training process teaches and develops an integrative strength, that is, we are taught to use the whole body - tendons, joints, muscles and mind - in a synergistic way.

Leg Training


There are various stages of training.  Students are encouraged to develop in a non-competitive step-by-step process.   Each stage builds on the previous one, training mindfulness to higher levels and fine tuning the nervous system.  This method produces deeper levels of satisfaction and well being.  

What does Wu Dao Gong mean?

The internal arts systems have been evolving in China for thousands of years.  Wu Dao Gong incorporates many traditional health, meditation, energy cultivation and martial systems.  Fei Wang is a traditional Chinese medical practitioner and is an heir to this highly developed system.  He was taught in a traditional way by his teacher who himself was a scholar, a traditional Chinese medical practitioner and a very accomplished kung fu master.  At first, Fei Wang studied medicine for two years with his teacher.  He was twelve years old at the time.  One day, his teacher asked if he would like to learn kung fu.  Fei was surprised at first because his bespectacled teacher was a slightly built learned gentleman.  To Fei's surprise, he performed a one handed stand on a rope fence.  Amazing for a seventy-two year old! 


The word Wu refers to the inspiration we need to find in order to do well at any task in life.  Dao means the way.  In the context of the training, it means the methods and procedures we follow to change and develop the mind and body.  Gong is the result of consistent quality effort over a period of time.


Low Push Hands




"I started the Wu Dao Gong training a year and a half ago.  Prior to starting, I had experienced around 5 years of severe depression and anxiety following on from a traumatic head injury.  The depression spiralled down to a point where I was suicidal and attempted to take my own life requiring hospitalisation on two occasions.  My anxiety was so severe that even walking out the front door was incredibly hard even whilst being heavily medicated and I just simply stopped trying.  A good day for me was when I accomplished one task for the day, such as sitting outside for 5 minutes or making the bed, but most days, even those simple things were just too much for me.  I'm very lucky I had a couple of people in my life who refused to give up on me and with a lot of help, support and a huge amount of effort, I started to do a bit more.  I didn't like it; I wasn't comfortable doing it but I simply had no other choice.


        Prior to all of this, I had always wanted to try another martial art (I had done some taekwondo in the past).  So even though it was incredibly hard to turn up, I decided to trial a Wu Dao Gong class.  During the lesson, Brett had us doing a basic deflection of a punch which was fine and a bit of fun, until he came around to us and he punched.  I tried to push his hand out of the way and was in shock when his arm didn't even move a millimetre.  He didn't even appear to be trying.  I tried again as hard as I could but with the same result.  I have never experienced anything like that before. I knew 2 things at that moment;

(1)  I knew nothing about martial arts or self defence (I had thought I knew a bit of self defence from the taekwondo).

(2) I was hooked.


        I loved coming to class as I was so engrossed in what I was learning for that hour or so that I 'forgot' to be anxious.  I started training a lot at home and I just started feeling better mentally but in a way I had never felt before.  I started to feel joy, happiness, a sense of calm and not so much confidence as a 'comfortableness'.  So I kept training.


        A year and a half later, I am simply a completely different person.  I am stronger and fitter than I have ever been.  More importantly for me, I have started to live and really experience and enjoy life.  Things seem a lot clearer and I am more 'connected' with myself.  People notice that there is a difference in me, even from the person I was before the head injury.  I had tried all the 'traditional' ways to treat depression and anxiety: medication, seeing psychologists and psychiatrists and general physical exercise.  I spent 5 years going round in circles.  I believe I would have improved to a point but I don't believe that I would be anywhere near where I am today without the Wu Dao Gong training.  I don't understand it but there appears to be much more to it than just a form of exercise or self defence moves.  I am looking forward to continuing to learn and grow and appreciate and live life."

- a Wu Dao Gong Student, Electrical Designer
     (The name has been suppressed for reasons of




"A few weeks ago I was walking through Civic to my car. It was shortly after midnight, and I was confronted by five young people, four males and a female. Having trained in Wu Dao Gong for a number of years, which teaches sensitivity to your surroundings, I immediately knew there was a level of menace directed my way.

        One of the males asked me for a cigarette for his girlfriend. This was clearly not his intention as the girl was already smoking one. As I told him that I didn't smoke, I saw out of my peripheral vision one of the other males swinging a strike at my head.

        Without thinking, I reacted by intercepting the strike and capturing the male's wrist in my hand. I then pushed him away from me by his arm. My training came into play, meaning that I used a reasonably correct technique - power through the legs and waist - because the guy went flying backwards and hit a shop front window very hard.

        This must have been unexpected to the youths as they all stood around gaping at their mate who had bounced off the window and was sprawled on the ground. I took the opportunity, while they all stood around uselessly, to make my exit. After a while they gathered their wits and made a half-hearted attempt to yell abuse after me, but without even needing to turn around, I knew they were not following and the danger had dissipated.

        I think I can safely say that my training assisted me a great deal that night to neutralise their threat and make my escape without doing any damage to them other than some bruised ego. Without the knowledge I have gained through training in Wu Dao Gong and my body's instinctive reaction to the attack, things might have turned out very differently."

- James, Public Servant






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