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Free Your Body &

Move with Flexibility and Grace

with the 5 Elbows of Power

Conducted by Chief Instructor
Brett Wagland

Everyone is welcome!

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2 Week Course : 6.15pm to 7.45pm
Mon & Wed 22, 24, 29 & 31 Jan

Canberra College Woden Campus Gym
Launceston St, Woden

(formerly Phillip College), opposite Eddison Park

$140– (GST included)

Please wear comfortable clothing and flat soled shoes.

Bookings are essential.  Call 6296 1357 or use our secure online payment facility now (select Self Defence Course) the fast and efficient way to reserve your place in the course.

We welcome payment by cash, cheque or credit card M/C, visa, Amex.


January is a good time to expand your horizons and learn something new.  This summer course will teach you how to loosen and strengthen your body, thus giving you greater freedom of movement.  This training is based on the internal arts which have an emphasis on connecting with our life force energy.  In Chinese, it is called qi.  By cultivating this energy, you will feel a sense of inner power and joy.  Your confidence will grow and you will become a positive force in your world.

      This course is based on the development of explosive power that eventually radiates from the body centre to the extremities.  The issuing of this power that you can feel and hear is called fa jin in Chinese and is the basis of all internal arts.  You will learn various conditioning exercises to build stamina, flexibility and explosive power.  This set of 5 Elbows will gradually liberate your body, developing great flexibility and a springiness in your joints.  This type of training oxygenates the blood and pushes it throughout the body, leaving you feeling pumped and invigorated. 

      In this course, you will learn the 5 Elbows of Power and how to link them together to produce a powerful combination of lightning fast strikes.  The elbow is one of the body’s most powerful natural weapons.  Learning how to use and link the 5 Elbows will turn them into a formidable arsenal.  As well as increasing flexibility and strength, you will gain the added bonus of self defence skills.  This training enables you to deal with grabs and locks and to be more prepared in a threatening situation.  It will make you feel more confident and transform your body into a graceful, powerful vessel of self-expression.

      Chief Instructor Brett Wagland has over 34 years of teaching experience in Tai Chi and internal martial arts.  Take this great opportunity to benefit from his expertise!  Start the new year with greater strength, flexibility and self confidence!