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Powerful Healing Qigong

for Deep Nourishment

Conducted by Fontane

No experience is necessary.

Everyone is welcome.

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Workshop : Sat 26 Aug 10am to 1pm

Wesley Centre Common Area
behind the Rydges Hotel
corner of National Circt and Fitzroy St, Forrest
     The area can be accessed through the main entrance of the building in the carpark.

$200- (GST included)

    Students who also enrol in Tai Chi or Wu Dao Gong are eligible for a special rate of $160-.

►► Checklist:
        Please bring a notebook and pen.
        Wear comfortable clothing and
                flat soled shoes.
     Please also bring a mug and teaspoon.
            Tea and coffee will be served.

Bookings are essential.

Phone 6296 1357 or use our secure online payment facility now the fast and efficient way to enrol. 

Please pay the workshop fee to confirm your booking.
     We welcome payment by credit card
M/C, visa, Amex.




The Powerful Healing Qigong set is an important component in the Energy for Life healing system.  It is a secret Taoist method which uses specially selected standing postures and acupuncture and qigong points for opening up the body, both internally and externally.  This Qigong works on the finer details of the body’s energy structure.  It has the ability to break up blockages which reside on the deeper levels. 


      In the body’s meridian networks, the energy pathways called Jing Luo are used in acupuncture to stimulate energy flow.  There are 2 other networks of meridians which have no acupuncture points.  If you think of Jing Luo as main roads, Luo Mai are the side streets which branch from the main roads.  Traditional Chinese medicine uses herbs to influence Luo Mai but it is more challenging.  Then, Sun Mai are the laneways which branch from the side streets.  Chinese medicine cannot influence Sun Mai which is on a very subtle level.  These auxiliary channels are more difficult to access and require a deeper and more potent practice in order for them to open.  The Powerful Healing Qigong is designed to penetrate and affect the more subtle channels within the physical body and its energy system. 


      This practice will help to clear blockages on the deeper levels which prevent the Microcosmic Orbit from opening.  For those whose Orbit is open, this Qigong will further strengthen the Orbit.  As a result, your whole energy system will be more open and permeable.  Your energy can move everywhere in a more uninhibited way to nourish the mind and body.  The effects of other internal practices will also be magnified, thereby enabling you to gain more benefits.


      By practising this Qigong, you will experience a deep level of nourishment and contentment. 


      In the workshop, you will learn the following:
●  2 Qigong techniques to break up energy stagnation in the neck and lower back areas, and
●  the main method of the Poweful Healing Qigong


      The course will be presented by Fontane Ip whose teaching experience spans 26 years.  Fontane specialises in Qigong and meditation practices.  She speaks about significant aspects which are rarely discussed.  This knowledge is usually not taught openly.  She explains the relevance of this ancient wisdom as it applies to our daily lives.


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