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Create Greater Health &

 Well Being

with Self Healing Qigong

Conducted by Fontane

Suitable & beneficial for everyone.

No experience is necessary.

Easy & enjoyable to do.


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2 Week Course :

Mon & Wed 22, 24, 29 & 31 Jan

6.15pm to 7.45pm

Canberra College
Woden Campus, Gym
(formerly Phillip College), Launceston St, opposite Eddison Park

Fees : $140- (GST included)

Course notes will be provided for each participant.

Revision Rate for previous participants : $70-
(GST included)

Please wear comfortable clothing and flat soled shoes.

Bookings are essential.  Call 6296 1357 or use our secure online payment facility now the fast and efficient way to reserve your place in the course.

We welcome payment by cash, cheque or credit card M/C, visa, Amex.


What is Qigong?

Qigong means energy work.  It uses postures and awareness to cultivate, transform and move qi (energy) through the body.  Qigong has a history of some 5,000 years in China.  It has been deeply respected in Chinese culture for its ability to bring the mind and body back to balance.  In China, health and healing are considered sciences and arts.  Much of the knowledge on these healing arts was passed down only to followers considered worthy, so the general population knew little about the value of these practices.  Over the centuries, many different forms of qigong have been developed – some for martial arts, others for awareness and enlightenment and some for health and healing.  


Why was Self Healing Qigong developed?

Although most of us cannot see qi, we can all feel it with regular practice of this Self Healing Qigong Method.  You will feel and experience the qi as it grows stronger in your body.  This method has been developed to specifically treat different types of illnesses as well as improve health and well being.  In China during the 1980s and 90s, there were hospitals that specialised in treating serious illnesses with only qigong.  This set has been developed for this purpose. 


Why is this Method so Successful?

Students who have learnt this method of Qigong have found it to be a powerful yet enjoyable practice.  It effectively opens energy channels in the body and re-balances the energy system.  This self healing method breaks through the blockages that obstruct the body’s natural healing processes. Practising this method regularly will enable your mind and body to experience a strong sense of well-being and spaciousness.  Mentally and emotionally, this will help you to clear negative, habitual, restrictive patterns.  You will see a wider range of choices that can be made and gain a more positive outlook on life.


            If you have any serious illness, you will find this practice to be a great source of strength.  Some of the acute and chronic health conditions which yield good results from this method include cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, pain, hypertension, gynaecological difficulties, hepatic portal system disorders, depression, insomnia, emotional stress and digestive issues. See testimonials below.


How does the Self Healing Qigong Help me

 if I am reasonably Healthy?

This qigong method is for anyone who wants to find good health and well-being.  It is unique in breaking up energy blockages.   Our energy pathways may not be free of blockages, even though we have no physical symptoms.  If our qi is flowing freely at its optimum level, we should wake up every morning, bursting with energy.  If these blockages are not cleared, it is difficult to progress to the higher levels of qigong.  This method is an important component in the process of building a strong foundation. 


This gentle yet powerful qigong is easy to learn and notes will be provided.  The course will be presented by Fontane whose teaching experience spans 27 years.


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For more information, read Energy for Life





"I am so pleased ... I have just completed the Qi Gong for Healing course run by Fontane at the Tai Chi Academy.  She made the course easy and enjoyable.  I recommend this to everyone who cares about their health."

  Gary, eLearning Manager



"I learnt Self Healing Qigong from Fontane in an effort to help with my trigeminal neuralgia (a nerve disorder) which can give me excruciating and debilitating face pain.  Several years ago, a meningioma (brain tumour) was detected wrapped around the trigeminal nerve, and as such is not treatable with surgery or radiotherapy.  My neurologist prescribes Lyrica (pregabalin) for pain relief.  Recently he warned me that long-term use of this drug causes memory loss.

        The success of Self Healing Qigong with seriously ill patients at a Qigong hospital in Hebei, China, gave me the confidence to begin reducing my daily dose.  I gradually reduced my pregabalin dosage from the twice daily 225mg to 75mg nightly, that fractions of that.  Now I no longer have to resort to morphine sulfate.  I have no pain and am rid of drugs and their side effects! 

         Practising this Qigong daily connects me with the wisdom and knowledge passed down through the centuries.  The more committed I am, the more I experience the healing and revitalising effects.  It is a remarkable result, enhanced by the Tai Chi I am learning.  We are very fortunate in Canberra to have Fontane to teach this Qigong."

Bernadette, Energised, Late-learner (Retired Assistant Principal)




"The Self Healing Qigong is not only easy to learn, but really powerful in its effect.

        I recently had some unexpected health issues, including high blood pressure.  Luckily, the Qigong course started soon after this was discovered and I’ve been doing the practice every day since then.  Six weeks later, my blood pressure is well and truly back into a normal range.

        I thoroughly recommend the Self Healing Qigong to anyone who is interested in a simple but effective way to improve the quality of their health."

Darrell, Director



"Self Healing Qigong offers to develop good health and well being.  Although I was in good health, my husband had passed away suddenly and any internal equilibrium that I had was gone.  It had become difficult to think clearly and to make confident decisions.  Perhaps qigong could help?

        At first I experienced a kind of emotional detox and then a daily surge of confidence and energy.  The Self Healing Qigong has certainly promoted a sense of inner balance and calmness.  Physically, I feel stronger and more energetic.  It has amplified the balance and ease I was learning in Tai Chi.

        However, more importantly I am developing a kind of clarity and steadiness as my emotional energies are harnessed and re-directed.  I feel as if I am now leaving the fuzzy brain and emotional wilderness behind.  Subtle and surprising results!"

Rob, Retiree



"Since I learnt it a few weeks ago, I have practised the Self Healing Qigong form most days.  From the beginning I was surprised how strong the feeling of relaxation and energy was with only a small amount of practice.  I also began to feel this better relaxation as well as better balance in my normal Tai Chi and qigong practice. 

        The form is very enjoyable and easy to do and I usually have a great sleep after doing some practice." 

Adrian, Project Manager



"This was an interesting experience for me. The sequence is not hard to learn and once the imprint is made, the regular practice becomes quite elegant and calming.  Elegant is probably not the best description but, with its static stance (unlike the Tai Chi form) the movements flow easily. 

        Once my eyes were closed, the overall effect for me was a feeling of calm.  How the self healing aspect plays out is and will remain a mystery for me, and it does not matter. 

        Having only completed the sessions a week or so ago, I believe that I am already experiencing a benefit subtle but something is happening.  Maybe in the fullness of time I will be able to identify some significant health improvement but for the moment, I will continue to enjoy the experience each time I complete the process."

Bryan, "Life Enthusiast"



"What appealed to me about the Self Healing Qigong course was that I could learn a technique that would improve my own health – that there is the power within me to heal myself and maintain good health.  I have been practising this Qigong since starting the course, and I find it has a very calming effect.  I feel warm when I practise it. 

        I particularly appreciated Fontane’s thorough notes that made it easy to practise the movements at home.  I can recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their health."

Ruth, Public Servant



"During the holidays I've been doing the Self Healing Qigong twice a day.  On the third evening after my practice I felt a sensation from the heel of the right foot and running up the back of my leg. It felt as though the nerves were firing every few seconds and while it was not painful it was uncomfortable and I couldn't relax. It went on for about half an hour and afterwards the sole of my foot was very warm.

        When I woke up the next morning I found that the hamstring of my right leg which had been very tight for several months was quite relaxed and less uncomfortable when I moved.  About two weeks since then, the right hip and knee have loosened up and I can walk easily without the usual discomfort.  I'm continuing to do the practice twice a day because I also find that I have a lot more energy than usual and I'm feeling particularly well and vital. 

        Thank you very much for running the Self Healing Qigong course as I think it's extremely valuable knowledge and I'm very grateful to have received it."

Susan, Teacher


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